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Chosho Academy

18 - Nov - 2014

Providing the Tools to Survive. Basildon's Premier Health and Fitness Centre for Mind, Body and Spirit.


Martial Arts - Personal Training

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Why Choose the Chosho Academy?

If you are looking for a great way to keep fit and healthy in Basildon, then the Chosho Academy a full time martial arts, health and fitness studio is the place for you. Ideally placed for those living in and around Basildon, Canvey, Chelmsford and Southend. It is situated on the Burnt Mills Industrial Estate, Basildon just off the A127.

All of the services provided link together to provide a complete solution to dealing with modern life. They can be experienced individually as separate products each serving to meet a special need, or for those whose lives are not 9 til 5 and have to juggle when they have free time, all classes and services will help them to reach their ultimate goal.

The Academy provides: Self Defence Training - Personal Training - Sports Injury Management and Rehabilitation - H.S.E First Aid Training - Free weights Gym All under one roof.

Personal Safety in Essex

As self defence specialists in Essex, we know that self defence is not just about learning a number of physical responses to a given situation. It must incorporate psychological and emotional tools as well as the means to strike out. Conflicts encountered in daily life will each have different variables so an understanding of principles is more important then a programed response. What is needed was best expressed by Bruce Lee when he talked about the "art of fighting without fighting". Through situational awareness, the problem should be avoided. The next level is verbally defuse the situation. If the next level is reached then something has gone very wrong and we need the means to respond with efficient and effective methods to survive. The consequences of our actions will not end there and may come back to haunt us in the future so a peaceful resolution should always be our first choice of action.

The Academy provides a system of self defence that we call simply "Chosho Fighting Arts". It is not a martial art or a combat sport; it is a means of surviving the pressures of modern life, providing the mental and physical tools to live life to the full, without fear. It is taught with the intention of being used in a self defence situation and is never practiced as a sport, its fundamental roots can be found in Filipino Kali which is an art based on the use of a baton, sword or knife. It uses natural movements making it easier to learn, with fluid, graceful and efficient techniques it is suitable for the weak and the elderly.


Personal Training

We all need a little help now and again so whether you want to lose weight for a special occasion or you want to train to fulfil that life time ambition of running a marathon we can help.

The Academy can provide training to help you improve fitness, loose weight, tone up, relieve stress, improve confidence. Steve is qualified to work with special populations providing programmes for: Ante & Post Natal; Older Adults, Sports Specific and Weight Management.

Sports Injury Management and Rehabilitation

Have you been injured or hurt while involved in sport or at work? Frustrated that you can't train at the gym or take part in your sport? Most of us only seek professional help when we can stand it no more, sometimes weeks after the injury occurred, but after only three weeks the injury is well on its way to healing with a built in weakness that makes a recovery to full health far more difficult.

Rehabilitation must be started straight away to ensure a full recovery, don't you owe it to yourself to get expert help as soon as possible? With the proper help the injured part can actually be stronger then before it was hurt and it need not cost an arm and a leg to get there! Contact the Academy to find out how we can help.

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